We know that working out how to articulate your vision for your home can be a little confusing so this journal is dedicated to helping you navigate some of the major interior design styles. Let’s go…


Go big or go home (to a space that is full of character!)! Interestingly enough, the design style ‘maximalism’ is a reaction against minimalism. The philosophy can be summarised as "more is more", contrasting with the minimalist motto "less is more". It’s all about bigger, brighter and bolder design.

Langlois Design | Main Beach Residence
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Langlois Design | Main Beach Residence
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Though we tailor each and every design to the lifestyle needs and personalities of our clients, we have become known for the Maximist energy we bring to our projects. Ultimately, when done well, the result is a delight to the senses as we play with an array of colours, textures and styles to excite and delight at every turn.


Contemporary (or modern) style calls for sophistication and deliberate use of texture and clean lines. It’s about showcasing space rather than things. This is how we worked in harmony with the architecture of the Clayfield Residence (below), complementing such beautiful bones of a magnificent, modern home. To fit the brief, we also ensured that the home was relaxed, child-friendly and reflected the lifestyle of the clients. It’s always important to blend practicality and liveability with your personal style!


Scandinavian design is marked by a focus on clean, simple lines, minimalism, and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Unlike maximalism, it calls for subtle textures and soft hues. Ultimately its mission is to create a warm and inviting home.

We’re currently working on a Scandy-inspired holiday apartment in Brisbane’s Inner North, and we can’t wait to share this project with you a little later in 2021! Stay tuned to our socials and website for more.


In its most basic definition, rustic describes a design that's natural, rough, aged, and casual, so there are many styles—each drastically different from the other—that can be rustic. Some include Tuscan, coastal, cottage, or what you might traditionally think of as rustic—lodge.

We worked with a Rustic theme in the Maleny Farm (below). Our client was looking to achieve a space that reflected their business in honey, while also expressing their fun personality. We used brass as a feature material for its luxe feel, whilst still being organic in the way it patinas over time.

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The Hamptons style is a gorgeous approach to an Aussie coastal home’s interior. Its aesthetic is associated with light and bright beachy interiors, while also offering a splash of sophistication. We can definitely appreciate their effortless, calming attributes!

And for a bit of extra Hamptons history, it’s an American take that stems from the French interior design styles Empire, Rococo and Baroque!

Above: Greg Natale
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Above: Lynda Kerry
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When working with couples of different style persuasions, our role is to find the happy middle ground. In our project at the New Farm Apartment (below), one party leaned towards a Hamptons style while the other had an appreciation for Modern Industrial. We blended these two interior design styles together to create a mixed yet perfectly balanced display of their personal preferences. 

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At Langlois, we customise our designs to the lifestyle needs and personalities of our clients. As a full service Interior Design and Decoration Studio, Langlois Design is accomplished at working on a range of projects varying in services and scale. Give us a call on 0413 345 762 and let’s chat about your next renovation!

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