So long 2020, hello 2021. With the uncertainty and change of 2020 behind us, how has the pandemic influenced interior design and the functionality of working and playing in the same space? Here we explore some of these trends, their impact on design, and what 2021 holds.


With so many of us working more from home, we’re seeing a demand for Multi-Functional spaces. Maximising space is at a premium and people are looking for innovative ways to combine the new work/play home life. The rise of the cloffice (closet office) has taken off as has the interest in the laundry mudroom. Both features highlight an increased necessity of organisation in the home which will continue into 2021.

Image Source: Langlois Design | Maleny Farm
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Image Source: 2LG Studio | Perry Rise
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Layered Textures

2021 has definitely brought with it a spirit of “let’s have some fun” and in the design world we are seeing this expressed in the use of layered textures.

I have always loved the dramatic effect that this can offer to a home. Whether working on a commercial property or a private residence, the interplay and juxtaposition of materials is one of the ways I create personality and one of the design dynamics that most excites me.

With interior design, there are of course so many finishes to choose from. When layered carefully and with some creativity and flair, you’re left with a space that’s both intriguing and inviting! Just don’t go sparingly, this concept demands your all.

Image Source: Langlois Design | Main Beach Penthouse

“The interplay and juxtaposition of materials is one of the ways I create personality and one of the design dynamics that most excites me.”


Last year was about pause and restraint. This year is about living large (well, as large as possible!). It’s all about making our own design statement.  

With maximalism, it’s about bringing vibrance, energy and personality into the home and creating something that’s visually captivating. We say (and always will), go bold. It’s beautiful!

Image Source: Lonny | Angela Chusciaki Blehm

Personality + Comfort

As we’re all spending more time at home these days, we’re also more conscious of our comfort. We’re looking for those pieces that not only offer a glimpse in to our personality, but also offer a place to relax and enjoy. Whether that’s our lounge chair, or simply an outdoor space that needs some modification to make it better suited to the environment. Spending more time at home means we’re spending time in our favourite places more regularly. And we’re ok with that!

Image Source: Alexander & Co | Terrace House

Sustainability + Supporting Local

Let’s be frank, 2020 was a challenging year for many businesses. Though, there’s a silver lining to this as we are seeing a shift in interests. Whereas we often looked abroad for the new and interesting, Australians are starting to support local designers and suppliers in any way that they can.

In the interior design world, many are opting for locally made and designed materials. People are also becoming more conscious of consumerism. We want to know more about the pieces they’re purchasing. We’re sourcing less, and we’re sourcing local. And we’re living for it.

Image Source: Hecker Guthrie

At the end of the day, it’s so important that your home nurtures your individual lifestyle while thriving off your personal taste. Keep doing you, you’ll thank yourself later!

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