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Langlois Design have provided interior design and decoration services on the Byron Bay Residence previously. Can you give us a rundown on what that involved at Phase 1, and the scope of your services for Phase 2? 

Yes, we are fortunate enough to have worked on this stunning residence previously! Our work on Phase 1 involved designing the interiors for what would become a four-bedroom, four-bathroom luxury holiday rental. 

Our client has since extended the residence to create a self-contained section for their exclusive use. Working with the same team at Beach Architects and Atlanta Building, Phase 2 was built with the intent of creating a haven for escape and relaxation.

What was the brief for Phase 2 and how did you bring it all to life?

Our brief for Phase 2 was to emulate a luxury hotel suite that the owners could enjoy on their visits to Byron Bay, year-round. Our initial conversations confirmed that our client wanted to create a contemporary and elegant space that was separate to the hustle and bustle of the main communal areas of the home. Because Phase 2 is for exclusive use of the clients it leans more towards their wants and needs when they come to stay. This section of the home whilst visually consistent with Phase 1 is customised to their lifestyle. 

To what extent did you need to consider Phase 1? 

Our client wanted Phase 2 to feel seamless - as though it was all built at the same time. This was achieved architecturally by continuing the rammed earth walls and using the same hard finishes for the main flooring, tiles and cabinetry. On the decoration side it was the continuation of natural materials including timbers, leathers and textural fabrics. For example the use of petrified wood side tables in the onsen complement the coffee table in the main living room and the neutral colour scheme with bold injections of colour are also repeated. 

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You are known for creating spaces that evoke feelings and emotions. What were you wanting to create for the Byron Bay Residence? 

Yes, I love to explore this with my clients at the outset of any project as a space is always more than just the tangible. On this project we concentrated on evoking the feeling of calm and escape.

We achieved this by designing a furniture a scheme that created different spaces for different activities. Selecting feature lighting for work and play and curating the accessories and art to tell the story of my clients.   

The bathroom is glorious! Can you share with us how decoration items can elevate a traditionally hard space? 

We agree! Beach Architects created a beautiful space for us to come in and layer over the top. We wanted to create a luxurious spa-like mood for each of the spaces. Even though the bathroom is split in two it was important to keep the mood in both connected 

In the onsen (or bath/sauna room), we introduced a flowing net-like curtain which balances out the hard finishes and provides a softness to the space. Being quite sheer, one can see out to the hinterland, or enjoy a more private moment by closing the recessed blind. 

On looking at the floor plan we could see that the amazing bath would be the central feature of the onsen, and naturally felt this would be the perfect spot for a pendant. We chose the pendant to compliment the curved edges of the bath allowing the shape to be the hero not only making a stunning visual impact, it also draws your eye upwards and through the space.

In keeping with the home’s earthy vibes, we selected a trio of petrified wood side tables. They’re not only functional, they also create a beautiful corner vignette against the deep blue variegated tiles.

As for the main bathroom, further enhancing the design was the selection of the timber and rattan stool paired against the blackbutt vanity. The layering of ‘contrasting’ materials and textures adds visual interest without detracting from the architectural design of the space. Our curation of towels and accessories also add to that sense of luxury. 

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How did you bring comfort to the main bedroom, while keeping the space balanced?

Balance is created through the careful selection of custom furnishings and fabrics. A custom bed and bedhead are the focal point of the main bedroom. We chose a beautiful tan leather for the panelled headboard which brings the room into harmony with the rammed earth walls. Layered with bronze and mushroom leather reading lights, black pendants and origami shaped side tables this scheme creates an atmosphere for recharging & relaxation.

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"Balance is created through the careful selection of custom furnishings and fabrics."

Can you tell us about the furnishings and decor you used in the office? 

Our client wanted to create an inviting and functional office. Ultimately, it was all about keeping the focus on the view! We continued the natural finishes throughout the office. As you can see, the leather chairs complement and enhance the blackbutt feature desktop and draw detail. The introduction of the bright and colourful artwork adds an unexpected playful drama reflecting the client's personality and story. 

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The addition of the second outdoor space is great. How does this play to the functionality of the house? 

The second outdoor living space is a great addition and sits between the gym and outdoor bocce court. Functionally this space had to tick a multitude of boxes when it came to flexibility which informed the furniture selections and layout. Ultimately the furniture needed to be lightweight to enable the moving of it for activities like yoga when the clients are in residence and for it to be easily packed away when they aren't. 

The use of individual chairs in the scheme was partly informed by the previous aspect but also by creating a space that allowed for interaction in the round as opposed to an l shape layout you find in most outdoor areas. This sparks socialising in a more interactive way and fortunately there’s no bad view in this particular spot. The inclusion of the hanging chair breaks up the conformity of the occasional chairs and adds a layer of fun and carefree relaxation.

Why do the Decoration elements complete a home?

Phase 2 of the Byron Bay Project shows that when architecture and decoration work harmoniously it can create a beautiful resolved space to enjoy. Choosing the right decorative pieces ultimately means a more functional and liveable space while also achieving aesthetic balance. 

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