Fundamental to any successfully designed space is effective lighting. Brilliantly crafted lights can transform, whilst also completing an interior space - necessary for not just function, but for the emotive atmosphere created in its presence.

Join us as we 'shed some light' on the iconic lamps and pendants that have influenced generations of designers and illuminated thousands of spaces around the world.

1. Mario Botta for Artemide - Shogun Table Lamp 1980's

Designed by Mario Botta for Artemide in 1986, 'The Shogun Lamp' is one of the most prolific lamps in the modern design world, a true masterclass in contemporary and individualist design. The seamless fusion of form, function and beauty in this lamp, allows for it to successfully demand a presence no matter which room it occupies.

Featuring a graphic black and white striped stand, it is uniquely paired with an intricate perforated steel diffuser. When illuminated, the linear holes lining the shade create a spectacular display of patterned shadow and light play.

Botta's dedication to rationality and functionality in his designs, lends itself to the Bauhaus and Modernist movements, which is evident in his use of bold and structural elements in the Shogun.

Source: Langlois Design
Source: Vntg

2. Isamu Noguchi - Akari E Pendant 1951

Simplistic yet intriguing. Unique yet adaptable. Designed by Isamu Noguchi, 'The Akari Light Sculpture' series are some of the most unique and enchanting lights of the 20th Century. Named after the Japanese word for brightness and lightness, Noguchi's emphasis on his design principals: shape, form and light diffusion is especially evident within this series.
"The harshness of electricity is thus transformed through the magic of paper back to the light of our origin – the sun." (Noguchi)
To create the Akari series luminaries, Japanese artisans utilise handmade washi paper which is expertly layered over intricate bamboo ribbing. The 'Akari E Pendant' stands out amongst the Akari series, as a distinctive work of art, sculpturally profound and versatile in its composition & light distribution. 

Source: Simone Haag
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Source: Sisalla Interior Design
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3. Ingo Maurer – zettel'z 5 pendant

The 'Zettel’z 5’ Pendant is one of Ingo Maurer’s most recognisable and successful designs, marking a turning point in the foundation of lighting design, with the introduction of conceptual fluidity.

The ‘Zettel’z 5' pendant is supplied disassembled, containing 80 pieces of thin Japanese paper. Out of the 80, 31 pieces are pre-printed A5 notes consisting of love letters in various languages. The remaining 49 pieces are blank, allowing the user to create their own sketches and messages. The notes are secured with paperclips to wire stems all sprouting from the central heart of the pendant. The 'Zettel’z 5' can be arranged and setup in a narrow-condensed nature, or space consuming and broad in its reach.

These elements of interactive personalisation and room for creativity are a testament to the Maurer's poetic and playful approach to design. Even down to the names of his creations, his originality is captivating and demands attention.

Source: Invaluable
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Source: Stephane Chamard via Houzz
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4. Louis Poulsen – PH 80 Floor Lamp

Internationally acclaimed Danish designer, Poul Henningsen, was intent on developing a lighting style that was soft, diffused, and warm, moving away from the harsh, glaring style of lighting design at the time. 10 years of dedicated crafting resulted in the 'PH Lamps' series.

With the downward turned curve of the multi layered shade, the PH lamp emits a diffused, symmetrical, yet opalescent glow. The 'PH 80 Floor Lamp' saw Henningsen adapt the lamp shade design into a floor lamp stand, allowing the illumination to become more centralised, creating an inviting and glowing hub. The original 'PH 80 Floor Lamp' also featured a red acrylic shade on the underside of the reflector, introducing a warm, red hue down through the lamp.

With layered meanings and no detail overlooked, Poulsen's work continues to be an iconic force within the design world, with his work still beloved and manufactured, lighting up homes around the world.

Source: Connox
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Source: xtra
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5. Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos - Snoopy Table Lamp

Known for their attention to detail, and observations of how objects are used throughout daily life; Achille and Pier Castiglioni were master designers. One of the Castiglioni Brother's most memorable and iconic designs is The Snoopy Lamp. Inspired by the iconic cartoon character, 'The Snoopy Lamp' lends new life to the playful and nostalgic form of a beloved childhood figure. Expertly designed, this unique lamp can assimilate into any space, adding elements of drama, intrigue and the nagging feeling that you've seen that distinct shape somewhere before…

Modern versions of this lamp now feature updated technology, offering a direct and dimmable light source through an enamel reflector, the inclusion of an angled marble base and a range of colour ways and finishes (gloss/matte) for the inner and outer faces of the shade.

Source: Style Park
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Source: Flos
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