About Us

Our Principal Designer, Danielle Langlois, leads with her style and expertise to bring spaces to life and emotions alive.

It’s how Langlois Design continues to create luxurious private residences and inspired commercial properties that focus on the way you feel when you’re in them.

We are uniquely placed to work on all aspects of your interior design and decoration project. By seeing your project through from beginning to end, we are able to bring meaningful design where it's needed most — maximising the potential of your space and letting you truly love where you live, work & play.

Our Ethos

Here at Langlois Design, we believe that taking the time to understand your needs and wants is the key to an end result that’s uniquely you. But before we hit the ground running, we will ensure that you are across each aspect of the project and what will take place as we transform your space.

Our end goal is to ensure each project is bespoke to our client and how they want to live within it.

Danielle Langlois

Danielle is a colourful creative who draws inspiration from the world around her. Her success is derived from embracing her instincts whilst understanding her client’s key motivations. She guides her clients, works to understand their desires, and adds her finely crafted vision to create beautiful spaces specifically tailored for them.

Interior Designer Danielle Langlois
Renovated kitchen with a medley of patterns and harmony of colours
Tickled Pink
Tickled Pink
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Coming Soon...
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